Reading various articles about design every now and then does boost your knowledge about new trends in design but those articles don’t have enough to preach designers about the reasons behind each trend. You can view the infographics of 10 typographic principles and 10 colour theory principle but once you read a book on these subjects it will give you a power of vision and will add purpose in your design. I have shared some of the books below that can get you started on how you can give soul to your work.


1. Typography Essentials

This book primarily focuses on designing and typography, it is heavily inspired by “Essentials of Typography” which is also a great book if you are interested in learning more about typefaces and effects of different publishing mediums on type do read it.

Typography Essentials maintains short paragraphs and basis the explanation through example.




2. Understanding Color

Most designers are aware of the basic colour theory and this book is exactly what you need to notch up your skill level. It adds in effects of lighting and physics behind each colour and its chemistry. How colours behave in different environments and what each of them symbolizes. It is a great upgrade for the designers.




3. Universal Principles of Design

If you are looking for a source to imbibe information about how designing works in various different industries then this is the book you need to read. It wonderfully explains the pros and cons of each design principle and helps you to improve your workflow if the knowledge is implemented.





4. The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

Branding is an essential part of graphic design profession. Although designers do not need to learn to brand as good as marketing professionals, the need for the knowledge of branding is definitely crucial for a designer as well.

This books keeps everything short and explain each law with the real-life example which makes the information gullible.

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